Sonnet Sunday 46: A Summary of a Bad Week at Work

Oh look, another fairly recent sonnet! I must be spoiling you with tolerably decent ones after second-guessing everything about my writing at Festival of Faith and Writing a few weeks ago.

I wrote this one last November. I don’t actually remember what spurred it, other than that I was having a bad week at work. The good news is, I don’t remember what exactly triggered this sonnet, so despite its apocalyptic nature the week can’t have actually been all that bad.

This week’s art comes from Jonny Jimison’s Dragon Lord Saga, and is used with permission. Jonny is in the process of redrawing his first book, Martin and Marco, in color; supporting him on Patreon for just $5/month will get you access to his awesome work.

A Summary of a Bad Week at Work

November 17, 2017

A fireball came rushing towards the Earth.
The people stared at it in utter shock
There was no time to flee, no way to block
Its great destructive nature. No net worth
Was high enough to ‘scape its savage flames;
No-one could send a rocket out to space
To blow it up, and save the human race;
There was no NASA scientist to blame
For failing to observe impending doom
And generate a plan to stop its course;
It just appeared, and grew, and became worse.
They only could await the sonic boom
That would destroy the powerful and meek:
That’s how I really feel about this week.