About Lisa

Hi, I’m Lisa Eldred, a professional living in the general Lansing, MI area.

I am the Educational Content Strategist at Covenant Eyes, where I do a lot of writing and editing. I’ve written several ebooks, including:

My writing also appears on Love Thy Nerd.

If you want to know more about my poetry (my main use for this blog), I’ve had a few pieces published in chapbooks with The Poetry Pub.

Occasionally I’m interviewed in podcasts, including the Poetry Pubcast and the Worthy Podcast.

For sporadic rants or out-of-context quotes, follow me on Twitter.

Curious about my domain name?

A few years ago, while eating lunch at a local sushi restaurant, a colleague dared me to eat a sizable chunk of wasabi (which, by the way, I love). “I’ll give you street cred,” he said. “We’ll call you… Wasabi Jane!”

It was when he upped the ante to registering wasabijane.com for me that I actually started considering it. I’ve been doing web work for a couple of years now; I used to write book reviews for my friend Dagny’s now-defunct godsoframen.com, and for a while I’d been considering actually getting my own domain. WasabiJane was, by no means, my first choice, but it had a certain flair. I popped about a teaspoonful of wasabi in my mouth and didn’t even flinch.

“So,” I said, turning to my coworker, “where’s my website?”