Spin Out

I’ve got another car-related poem today. Don’t worry; this isn’t based on personal experience, though I’ve had enough car crises in my life that I’m sure people wouldn’t be surprised. It was for the Poem A Day challenge back in November 2020 to the prompt “Response.”

In personal car updates, my stolen car was recovered early Wednesday morning and is set for repairs. I have a poem brewing related to the whole situation, but haven’t written it yet. Who knows: maybe I’ll write and share it next week. We’ll see!

Spin Out

Originally written November 16, 2020

“She isn’t answering. Come on, pick up!”
She stopped the call and, trembling, dialed again.
Her hair was sticky. Her full coffee cup
Had spilled on her when, in the pouring rain,
She spun out, hydroplaning. Now her car
Was upside down inside a drainage ditch,
With no-one else in sight. She was too far
Out in the country—and as black as pitch
That night. She had no real hope she’d be found,
Not during a cold, dark November storm.
Not trapped inside her car, slammed in the ground,
Nor upside-down there, trying to stay warm.
She needed someone—someone had to know—
She rang again. Her mom’s voice said, “Hello?”

Photo by Kyrylo Kholopkin on Unsplash