A Nonsense Poem

Just some silliness today. One of the prompts for last November’s Poem a Day challenge was to write a nonsense poem, and this is what came out. Many of the words in this are as real as my love life amirite

Today’s cover art was by plugging in various prompts for romantic themes and Dr. Seuss into Dall-E Mini and Crayon. Because we might as well have nonsense art to go with a nonsense poem about nonexistent love.

A Nonsense Poem

Originally written November 28, 2021

My love for you is like a feathered fleeb
That gilbs and chorkles on the hickle tree,
And splooms with gronkless grace into the spreeb
At the mere sight of you—quite merrily!

My love is like the pimble-wimble flower
That grows in such a muthiwindle place
When it ought to be treasured in a tower
And cherished in an ornamental vase.

My love for you is like a Greeble Joint
Used in construction of a bligna grand—
To stabilize the mutnamera point
And fits together—like us, hand in hand.

My point is this: Not much else is as true
As my pertlingal, gloris love for you.