A Liturgy for Gamers

Last weekend was Hutchmoot, a gathering that loves finding the holy in the mundane. This weekend is LTN Con, Love Thy Nerd’s annual gathering to talk about ministering to gamers and geeks. In honor of both of these events, it feels appropriate to share a few liturgies for gaming that I wrote a few years ago for a gaming get-together for a few members of the former group. I actually remember writing a much more complex version when I wrote these—it was modular, with different text for different types of games—but simpler is probably better long-term anyway.

These are blatant rip-offs of the liturgies from Every Moment Holy, for the record. Text in bold is to be read together.

A Liturgy for Gamers

Originally written May 25, 2018

Leader: We gather here today, o Lord,
in fun and fellowship
to enjoy the sweet company of one another

People: In friendly competition
or in competitive cooperation.

Here, in this time and place,
bringing our unique patterns of thoughts to these games,

Remind us, o Lord, that there is no such thing as luck or mere chance.
Remind us, o Lord, that all plans and strategy are from you.

As we gather together now in fellowship,
let our laughter together be a sound of praise to you.

Bring us together in this as a small reflection of the true community
and communion we have with each other and with you
in Heaven, forever.

Bring us together, o Lord.

A Liturgy for Solo Gamers

I praise you, o God,
for this chance to play a game,
and experience a microcosm of the eternal war against our Enemy.
Whether I experience victory or defeat today,
Let me remember that You have already won
the truest victory of all.

Photo by Sean Do on Unsplash