Sonnet Sunday 48: The Burdens of a Single Man Are Few

Yes, yes, another love sonnet. Deal with it. That tends to be one of my major themes, after all.

The reality is, I enjoy being single. I can eat what I want, sleep when I want, spend my money how I want, go where I want. I have a lot of personal autonomy and flexibility this way. To be honest, I don’t even necessarily do all that well with roommates. And if I die without getting married, well, it happens. I’m not interested in dating for the sake of dating.

That said, I’d still trade it in for the right guy.

The Burdens of a Single Man Are Few

Originally written October 23, 2012

The burdens of a single man are few.
To pay his debts, to reap his sower’s share,
To his own self and to his God be true—
His freedoms found are far beyond compare.
And yet he wiles away his precious hours
In hopeful search of tender lover’s arms
‘Til singleness’ sweet savor swiftly sours
And he slaves willingly for lover’s charms,
Then, finding favor there, he binds his heart
To walk a thorny path of grief and pain.
“In sickness and in health, ‘til death do part”—
Substantial loss of freedom; love, the gain.
There’s no doubt singles live a blessed life,
And yet, I’d trade it all to be your wife.