Life is a Musical

The funny thing about blogging is that it requires taking the time to write. But here’s the thing: when you write for a living, and do some volunteer writing on top of it, it’s awfully hard to persuade yourself to come home and write for fun. (True fact: I’m supposed to be blogging for my church right now.)

And I’ve been writing a lot lately.

more-than-single-cover-300pxThe two biggest things are the Riv blog, which I’ve been coordinating for about a year now; and also…an e-book (for work). A pretty dang awesome one, though of course I’m biased. It’s called More Than Single: Finding Purpose Beyond Porn, it’s the fruit of 30-some years of perpetual bachelorhood, mixed with a fair bit of stumbling blindly toward Christ. Or maybe it’s just me stumbling blindly, and God putting rocks and barriers in my way so that when I fall, I’d fall toward him. And also lots and lots of random song lyrics.

On the subject of song lyrics, I desperately wish Nick Flora’s Futureboy EP had been released about 4 months ago, when I was still finishing More Than Single. I seriously would have loved to quote his song “Take It From the Top.” Also, I make a small cameo in the music video, though unfortunately he did not use any of my *ahem* tributes to everyone’s favorite dating book, I Kissed Dating Goodbye. (The tribute may have involved throwing the book to the ground. It’s entirely possible that I don’t hold a high opinion of that book.)

2 Comments on “Life is a Musical

  1. I thought I was the only one. Although I think the only book that actually caught air was “Passion and Purity.”

  2. Heh, I need to reread that one. I remember it being a nice story of Elisabeth and Jim’s relationship, but the advice was…less than applicable.