OCTOBER 11, 2020, 3 pm to midnight Central

Welcome to the inaugural post-Hutchmoot Virtual Gamemoot! We’re an informal group, here to hang out and play games together!

Normally a bunch of us would slowly gather in Kyra Hinton’s AirBNB rental with the creepy crawl space and three rooms to sprawl across. There’d be a lovely happy blend of people laughing and playing games, some serious, some not, and people would wander in and out and watch games and snark at games and we’d be there until Kyra and Laure Hittle completely conked out on the leather couch, oblivious to the world, and then we’d play more games.

It’s a little harder to do that virtually, but I’m trying to facilitate something like that online this year. We’re going to run a low-key gamemoot on Zoom this year, and I hope you can join us!

So here’s how this is going to work.

There will be one ongoing zoom room called The Den, accessible until midnight Central time. We have games scheduled until 10 p.m.; the extra time is just buffer. These games will be easy to join or drop, with no real technical requirements beyond zoom access. You can even just drop in and watch or live-snark the action, or use the Chat to organize your own more serious games.

And that’s part two of this: The Breakout Rooms. The Card Tables, if you will. My hope is that people will break off into smaller, more serious games (or also casual but in a different zoom room). These may have more technical requirements, and might be set up in Google Hangouts or Discord or whatever the leader decides is best. They’ll let you know! Right now I’ve got plans for a game of Wingspan on Tabletopia, but feel free to add your own games and available seats. I’ll try to update this page.

I look forward to gaming with you all!

Lisa Eldred, aka firstcrusader, aka wasabijane, aka the Mushroom Queen.

The Den Schedule

All times are in Central Time. The Main Room is for more lighthearted, social games where you can drop in and out on random rounds. Breaking off into smaller games is encouraged. Or just hang out here and play/watch/heckle! Whatever! Have fun! The Zoom Room is limited to 100 participants, though.

NOTE: This schedule is subject to change without notice.

Enter the Den (but not before 3pm Central on October 11, please)

  • 3-4 pm – Jackbox games (probably Quiplash) – Run by Lisa Eldred
  • 4-6 pm – Balderdash – Run by Dwayne Sheridan
  • 6-8 pm – Bring Your Own Book – Run by Carrie Givens
  • 8-10 pm – Scattergories – Run by Amber Tiller

The Card Table Schedule

Sign up or add games on this Google doc. I’ll try to keep this master schedule updated as you add things.

  • 4 pm – Wingspan – Run by Lisa Eldred on Tabletopia – 4 seats available (newbie-friendly) – Sign up here


Remember, you can sign up to run a game here and I’ll add it to the list!