same song, second verse

Today’s poem is notable in that it contains a naughty word! And I’m posting it on the internet for all to see! (If you see this: sorry, Mom. I promise I try not to swear in general, but this was the correct word.)

I apparently wrote this in grad school while angsting who knows what assignment. I picked it because it’s how I feel about publishing my poetry right now. I’m just sick of it—sick of hunting for good ones to post, sick of coming up with cover images. It doesn’t help that I haven’t written many in the last year (though I did write one a week or two ago). I’m tempted to take a hiatus from publishing for a while, but I know if I do I probably won’t pick it back up (certainly not anytime soon), and at least the poems are doing some small good in the world rather than just sitting there buried in notebooks. So here you go… have a poem that I never would have published if I weren’t feeling apathetic about publishing poems.

same song, second verse

Originally written August 15, 2007

same song, second verse
a comparative analysis
who gives a shit, who gives a rip
second song, same verse
and everything i ever write
feels the same, feels the same
the same five paragraph essay
just the nouns are changed,
the adjectives the verbs are changed,
but tense and mood remain, remain
(feels the same, feels the same)
second same song verse
analytic comparison
between two books, two plays
two paradigms, philosophies
who gives a shit, who gives a rip
the words always come easily
they are the same, they are the same
nothing new under the sun
nothing new with ink and pen
and words are parrots, mimicking
same verse, second song
they are the same, it’s all the same
i am the same i am unchanged

Photo by Lukas Juhas on Unsplash