Sonnet Sunday 17: My Fourth Sonnet

Today’s sonnet is interesting for exactly one reason: it is apparently the fourth sonnet I ever wrote. I can tell this for two reasons. First, it’s dated to my senior year of high school, which is around the time I started writing more serious poetry; my earlier efforts were all known as “Lisa’s Pointless Poems” and featured such classics as “My Hat is Flat.”

Second, it is rather helpfully labeled Sonnet 4.

I have no idea what the context of this poem is. It’s inscribed “To RB, EB, TF,” but I don’t even know who those people are (which is especially ironic based on the poem itself). It’s none of my main friend group from back then, and it’s not the initials of the guy I remember crushing on that year. I could probably stare at my yearbook and figure it out, but, honestly, some things are probably best left lost to the wastelands of time.

Given that this poem is mostly interesting as an artifact of my early writing, I am leaving it completely unedited, as you can be sure I’ll do if I ever find Sonnets 1-3.

My Fourth Sonnet

Written 11/14/99

Please do not cry, you poor and lonely heart.
In life’s long winding road you’ve hit a bend.
Oh don’t you know your life’s about to start
You’ve just begun, though you think it’s the end.
Don’t sigh, poor heart, just wipe away your tears
Oh don’t you know by now how much I care?
You ought to know I’ll always lend my ears
My heart’s not so small that I cannot share.
You know I’ll always listen to your cries
Give me your hand and I will lead you through
You think it’s down but your heart really flies
I promise I will never betray you
Until you’ve learned to swallow all your pride
I’ll stand right here and stay right by your side.