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One woman starts to watch a TED talk. What happens next won’t shock you at all if you know that woman’s personality.

Confession: I am a very passive consumer when it comes to online content. I subscribe to a select few news sources and blogs via RSS and occasionally even read what articles are posted, but other than that I mostly rely

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Dear McDonald’s and LEGO: This is not how you do marketing.

One of the byproducts of (a) being a single person who (b) lives alone and (c) tends to be lazy is that I eat out more than I really should. McDonald’s tends to be an at-least-weekly thing for me, mostly

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A Guide to Enjoying The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Before seeing the movie… Do not read The Hobbit. Skip the rest of this list and enjoy the movie for the escapism that it is. If you have already read The Hobbit, get brain surgery to remove all memories of The Hobbit. Skip

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A Luddite’s Lament

Tonight, in my quest to keep myself entertained while I clean my apartment (side note: I have many things I should be doing right now instead of writing this blog post), I decided to pop in a movie. It needed

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Alumni LENS: So close, yet so far

My first professional job out of college was with Michigan State University Outreach & Engagement (UOE for short). One of my primary tasks throughout my six years there was the maintenance of MSU Statewide (formerly the Statewide Resource Network, or SRN), a massive

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Found Object: The Rant, dated November 1, 2000

One of Grand Valley’s student publications was a dubious collection of journalism known as “The Rant.” I don’t remember most of the things they covered; I think I stopped paying attention to its existence after Freshman year, and never did

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In which I write a poem (or, I put my Classics minor to use)

I wrote a poem. But there’s a backstory. As part of Operation Lisa-Does-The-Assigned-Reading-She-Never-Bothered-Doing-In-Undergrad, I’ve been reading a LOT of classics. Like, Ancient Greek classics. Like Plato and Thucydides and Aristophanes and Homer. A couple of texts in particular caught my

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On Customer Service

I’m sitting at a Panera two blocks from my apartment to write this blog post. Partially, this is because I love their frozen lemonade. Mostly it’s because my Internet is out at home. I moved into my apartment less than

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Cats, lol

A friend of mine from grad school works at a company that promotes magazines.  Apparently the P.R. director got approached by the editor of this magazine: It’s called Cats in Space, and I think it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve

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