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Sonnet Sunday 55: The Course of Current Events

Wednesday was Independence Day. That makes today a good day to publish a quasi-political poem, yes? This poem was written for the November 2016 Poem a Day Challenge, and in fact was written on November 8. Election Day. The prompt:

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We’re Getting There.

This election season has been rough, even for those of us who try to stay apolitical. In historical perspective, maybe it’s not all that bad; we’re not in the midst of a civil war, for example. But still, it feels

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How I’d Fix the Government

First, a brief anecdote. Almost 15 years ago, I was in Mexico, working with a local missions group. One of them (a Mexican, to be clear) asked me where I came from. “Michigan,” I said. Her face lit up. “Ah,”

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Why I’m Passionate About Porn

Last week, I posted this video on Facebook: I should have known better, of course. I mean, I hate controversy, and I have several Facebook friends who are in the pro-porn camp. So, of course, controversy came. As I realized

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Found Object: The Rant, dated November 1, 2000

One of Grand Valley’s student publications was a dubious collection of journalism known as “The Rant.” I don’t remember most of the things they covered; I think I stopped paying attention to its existence after Freshman year, and never did

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Of Corrupted Cities

I’ve been playing the most recent Prince of Persia game over the last few days. The basic premise is that the unnamed “Prince” (actually a wandering tomb raider) gets lost and stumbles into an abandoned city. As it was built

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The Necessity of the Law

I’m editing a coworker’s paper, and came across this quote: “While politics is about power, an ethical framework can be seen as a ‘counterbalance’ to power, or at leat as a way to mitigate some of the potentially negative impacts

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Dear Churches of America

Dear Churches of America, Dear Body of the Living Christ, My brothers and sisters, Change has come to America, and we the church had very little to do with it.

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