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The Road to Uganda 5: Forgive Me, Father

I’ve been reminiscing about my previous missions trips sporadically for a couple of reasons, but my main goal is to show what God did in my own life through missions trips so that you will be motivated to pray that

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The Road to Uganda 4: What If?

One of the ways faith plays out in my life is that, when I want to do something, I just tend to kind of walk forward in faith until God says no. Sometimes, God has to say no loudly and

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The Road to Uganda 3: A Financial Update

First, a quick apology: I intended to post regularly, but life intervened (as it often does). I promise to update more regularly. Now for the actual update. I was asked to help with a bunch of back-end administrative prep for

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Revelation (The Road to Uganda 2)

In case you missed my last post (which was NOT a poem), I’m headed to Uganda with my church in June. As preparation for that trip, I plan on sharing more details about this trip and reflections about previous missions

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The Road to Uganda

In June I plan to go to Uganda with my church. It’s an exciting opportunity for a number of reasons, one of which is simply that every missions trip I’ve been on has been life-changing and faith-strengthening, and I haven’t

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Sonnet Sunday 90: Patrick

“Let’s say Lisa gets hit by a bus, and all her processes die with her. What new processes would you create?” Patrick and I were in the middle of our first interview to hire someone to take some writing and

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Sonnet Sunday 59: Doctrinal Divides

Today’s poem was from the November 2016 Poem a Day challenge, to the prompt “Stay or Leave.” One of the core events of my life was going through a church split while I was in high school. New pastors always

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Sonnet Sunday 58: Where It Hurts

This is not the sonnet I intended to publish today. But seeing as I forgot to actually hit “publish” when I scheduled the original sonnet, I may as well publish this one instead. I have a storied history of car

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Sonnet Sunday 36: Debt

On February 10, I did my taxes. So what, you may be saying. Everyone but politicians and the super-rich pays taxes. Nothing’s certain except death and taxes, etc. And you wouldn’t be wrong. But for me, this year, getting the

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The Strengthening Feast and the Famine Ahead

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. I woke up at 3:30 this morning, momentarily confused by where I was. For the first time in a week I was finally back in my own

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