When I Am Playing Minecraft

On Tuesday evening, I hopped on Zoom and taught a friend’s kids about sonnets. Once we covered the basics—rhythm, rhyme—we spent the last half hour collaboratively writing a poem. I suggested Minecraft based on the fact that the younger kids in particular were very reluctant to put down their game to discuss poetry, for some reason. Today’s poem is the result.

It’s worth noting that I know virtually nothing about Minecraft. I’ve watched my niece play it once or twice. So the kids (and my friend) generally came up with the topic of each line and usually the rhyme; I mostly just finessed the rhythm.

When I Am Playing Minecraft

Originally written January 26, 2021

When I am playing Minecraft, I adore
Finding supplies and building a small house
Whacking at trees and laying down some floors:
In this large world, I feel small as a mouse.
Our villagers are really quite a mess.
They’re always wanting emeralds to hoard.
The Iron Golem is a big, fat pest,
Though technically his head is a gourd.
The Endermen and Withers are a threat,
And Creepers are a menace that can climb,
And Guardians guard monuments—they’re wet!
I fight Zombies and Skeletons and Slimes.
I fight and die a lot, but it’s still fun
I recommend this game to everyone!

Image credit: Stolen shamelessly off the Internet. Please don’t sue.

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