Spoopy Poems for Halloween

I was *cough* revisiting my classic book of poetry, A Ten Year Old’s Worst Nightmare. Although I’ve already published that first bone-chilling tale of woe and dread, I figured I’d pull out some of the scary classics from that book. As an added bonus, I have included some of the rejects from that book (because I still have them? For some reason?), as well as one written much more recently.

Two Cinquains

Excerpted from A Ten Year Old’s Worst Nightmare, p. 4. ©1992 Eldritch Publishing. Used with permission.

Very spooky
They are very ancient
Once were very magnificent
Not now

Very pesky
They bug you way too much
Way, way, way, way, way, way too much
Sooo true.

*Included here because Brothers are spooky, obviously.

Unpublished Poems

Selected from the fourth grade homework belonging to Lisa Eldred. Used with permission.

Big and quite mean
Likes to eat many kids
Tired after it eats humans
It sleeps

Ode to the Breakfast I Made

Yuck! Yech! Yack! Eew!
these are the responses I herd [sic]
I won’t eat that slimy goo!
Froggy surprise? That’s absurd!

Wondering what the recipie [sic] is?
It wants some live frogs
(Eew! Eew! Eew, ’tis.)
To glue on (Eew!) five logs!

I needen’t [sic] tell you the rest.
(Except that you eat it.)
For freaking out mean stepsisters its [sic] the best,
There’s nothing that can beat it!

A New Poem

Originally written April 27, 2020

While the world
tears itself

And we all
each other,

‘Neath the waves,
still slumbers.

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