Light Pollution

Consider this a sequel to this poem. I realized it was clear on Friday night and stepped outside for a few moments, and spent most of them mentally cursing out the incredibly bright lights my complex put up for security. I couldn’t even identify the Big Dipper (though admittedly, I didn’t try terribly hard). I almost drove out to find a random spot in the country to stargaze, but I didn’t feel like risking getting pulled over for breaking stay-at-home rules. But I still miss the stars.

Light Pollution

Originally written April 24, 2020

Tonight I stepped out onto my front porch
To see if I could see the stars. The lights
From my complex blazed brighter than a torch,
Obscuring most of them. A satellite
Hung low in the horizon, crossing through
The constellations. though the sky was clear
And the bright moon was down, or else was new,
The stars I saw were few. I could not hear
Their song, nor trace their neverending dance—
Could not discern the Bear nor Cub nor Queen.
Electric lights have broken the romance
Of looking out where man has never been:
We gaze a million miles to see a star,
A universe so close, and yet so far.

Photo by Kristen Beever on Unsplash

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