A Christmas Sonnet: Act V

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A Christmas Sonnet: Act V

Originally written April 21, 2019. #131.

Alive, alive! Scrooge woke up in his room,
Alone, but not alone—his heart awake.
He felt like Lazarus, leaving his tomb,
A fresh new day, given to him to make
A better world—to serve the weaker ones,
To visit widows, orphans in distress,
To live in love, whatever griefs may come,
To help lift off the yoke of the oppressed.
He praised the Spirits who gave him new life.
He praised the people who’d shown him the way.
He praised the grave that showed the fruit of strife.
He praised the Savior born on Christmas Day.
He praised them—but his heart ached to do more:
Scrooge grabbed his money and walked out the door.

Photo by José Antonio Hernández on Unsplash

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