A Christmas Sonnet: Act III

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A Christmas Sonnet: Act III

Originally written February 17, 2019. #129.

“A game, a game! Fred, let’s play Similes.”
Scrooge and the Spirit watched his nephew lead
His friends in wordplay—watched them gently tease
Each other—heard them mock Scrooge for his greed.
Scrooge flushed and turned his head, and the scene changed.
A happy family, yet a meager feast.
Sparse decorations, tenderly arranged—
And there, at head of table sat “the Least
Of These”—a child so tender and so frail—
A child so weak and yet so deeply loved;
“Why don’t they seek a doctor! He’s so pale!”
The Spirit told him with a playful shove,
“Is he not surplus population? Why
Should anybody mourn him when he dies?”

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

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