A Christmas Sonnet: Act II

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A Christmas Sonnet: Act II

Originally written February 10, 2019. #128

A girl, a girl! Scrooge gasped, and his voice broke.
He had not seen her face in thirty years—
Nor heard her voice—the sweetness when she spoke—
Her gentle eyes that once he held so dear.
“Why bring me here?” The spirit merely smiled,
And watched Belle as she turned and walked away.
“Your life is good?” it said. “You’ve been beguiled.
Now let me show you what you lost that day.”
Belle’s face was older, lined with laughter’s ghosts.
A horde of kids were playing in the snow.
Her husband kissed her; said, “I love you most—”
She kissed him back—her face was all aglow—
Scrooge snuffed the spirit out. There in the gloom
He found himself back in his empty room.

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

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