Stuff I’ve Done: Taken a Contest-Winning Photo

So this post is sheer bragging on my part, but hey, it’s cool and it helps make up for some of the bad news I’ve gotten this week. Back in March, at the request of her owners, I snapped what is probably one of the best dog photos I will ever take in my life.

That number in the corner means it was one of 30 corgi photos to make the final cut. And the cool news is, li’l Emma Frost Bussema here will be the April calendar photo. That’s right, this photo was deemed better than at least 18 other photos in the contest.

Check out the rest of the winners, and be overwhelmed by the corgi cuteness!

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3 Comments on “Stuff I’ve Done: Taken a Contest-Winning Photo

  1. Your link is broken (it’s trying to do a relative link on wasabijane, which it shouldn’t). Cute picture though. Mike and I are thinking of getting a dog when we have a house soon 🙂