Image Dump: Fill the Bus

It’s been a while since I did an image dump:

Fill the Bus!

The Fill the Bus project is being run by the Center for Service Learning and Civic Engagement. We needed a very fast turnaround for this. I think it took me about 20 minutes total to create this image in Illustrator.

Interestingly enough, the font (Ravie) was a random pick. I wanted a font that would be fun and bouncy and chose it because it sounded like it might fit. Normally I’m pretty obsessive about font selection, but this time the first try actually worked well. I love it when things work out in my favor.

6 Comments on “Image Dump: Fill the Bus

  1. Lisa! Holy wah. Sometimes the world is just too small a place for me. Back story: So I work with the Academic Orientation Program at MSU. Every year, we feature “fill the bus” as an activity incoming freshman (all 7400+ of them) can get involved in. So I’ve seen this image literally hundreds of times, and had no idea that you created it!!! — Danielle

  2. @Danielle Nicole DeVoss Hah, they’re still using it? Yeah, I was the backup graphic designer at University Outreach the first year Fill the Bus happened.

    In the spirit of a small world, later that year I started working at Message Makers with Tina (Urbain) Ray. Eventually I was replaced at Message Makers by Matt Penniman, when I got a job at Covenant Eyes with Davin Granroth, who I believe you also know.