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Does Marriage Advice Bark Up the Wrong Tree?

Over the last few years I’ve been hearing a fair bit about the role of free will in choosing a spouse, especially for guys. It’s usually along the lines of, “Don’t worry about finding The One, because she doesn’t exist.

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Things I’ve Written: Article Series on Gaming

Goodness. One of the reasons I was going to start reposting things I’ve written for work was to keep blogging more, wasn’t it? And yet here I am, over two months since the last blog post. But I have excuses!

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Of Corrupted Cities

I’ve been playing the most recent Prince of Persia game over the last few days. The basic premise is that the unnamed “Prince” (actually a wandering tomb raider) gets lost and stumbles into an abandoned city. As it was built

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And I thought I was a cynic.

I refer you to this piece. I actually *wouldn’t* take that bet–in short, the bet is that video games will never be a significant form of cultural discourse. In many ways, I agree with him that video games require too

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