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The Strengthening Feast and the Famine Ahead

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. I woke up at 3:30 this morning, momentarily confused by where I was. For the first time in a week I was finally back in my own

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Things I Got From My Father

  1. Wavy hair. Horribly, horribly wavy. There’s a reason I never let it air-dry. 2. Introversion. Nothing beats a nice, quiet evening at home. 3. A caffeine addiction. I have an early memory of telling my father that I

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A Luddite’s Lament

Tonight, in my quest to keep myself entertained while I clean my apartment (side note: I have many things I should be doing right now instead of writing this blog post), I decided to pop in a movie. It needed

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This is why I am going to die alone.

The story begins, as so many of my stories do, with my car. I finally ditched my Alero in December, and bought a brand-new Subaru to replace it. There were many reasons for this, but a big one was that

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It’s National Poetry Month! Here’s my favorite poem.

In spite of – or perhaps because of – our annual celebration of Robert Burns’ birthday, I never really got into poetry. I’m still not sure I really get it, in spite of the wisdom of the years and my

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Why I Celebrate Robert Burns’ Birthday

Every night at the dinner table we had a tradition. We’d finish eating dinner, then Dad would read a brief devotional, then Mom would read a chapter from a novel. (We got through Lord of the Rings that way, for

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3 things singles can learn from Ebenezer Scrooge

I’ve been steeped extra deeply in A Christmas Carol this year. In addition to my normal viewings of the Magoo and Muppets versions, the Marketing department used the George C. Scott version as a springboard for this year’s decorating contest.

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So long and thanks for all the fish

When my friend Katie called me two weeks ago to tell me that she and her husband had to take Angel, their Australian Shepherd, to the vet hospital with a very serious and unknown ailment, I think I was in

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How to Make a Major Decision (A Christmas Story)

1. Know what you’re looking for. My parents have a tradition. The day after Thanksgiving, they go to a local Christmas tree farm and select a live tree for the family room. For the last two years, I have gotten

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Why Going Through a Church Split was One of the Best Things to Happen to Me

A few weeks ago, I was talking with one of the newest pastors at my church about an interesting bit of theology he had mentioned in his sermon. This led to a brief discussion of my church background, and more

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