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One woman starts to watch a TED talk. What happens next won’t shock you at all if you know that woman’s personality.

Confession: I am a very passive consumer when it comes to online content. I subscribe to a select few news sources and blogs via RSS and occasionally even read what articles are posted, but other than that I mostly rely

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A Luddite’s Lament

Tonight, in my quest to keep myself entertained while I clean my apartment (side note: I have many things I should be doing right now instead of writing this blog post), I decided to pop in a movie. It needed

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Alumni LENS: So close, yet so far

My first professional job out of college was with Michigan State University Outreach & Engagement (UOE for short). One of my primary tasks throughout my six years there was the maintenance of MSU Statewide (formerly the Statewide Resource Network, or SRN), a massive

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Feedly vs. Google Reader: A Brief Evaluation

The impending loss of Google Reader falls into the category of “Deep Personal Tragedy,” since in addition to Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail, it’s one of the sites I check multiple times a day, and have been since 2007 or so.

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WasabiJane Reboot:2010

In a fit of uncharacteristic motivation, I spent Friday evening redesigning my website (see also: the aforementioned afoot changes, only 3.5 months late). I’m nowhere near done, of course, but it’s already better than what I had before. Ah, what

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How have I managed to avoid Joss Whedon productions thus far?

This, my friends, is the intersection between the internet and mass media at its finest: It’s fun! It’s free! And it’s available on the internets… until Sunday. I think that’s my one lament about it, actually. It’s only up for

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