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It’s 2015. Now let’s shut up about Back to the Future II.


I swear, within minutes of the ball drop in Times Square, there were already several posts about Back to the Future II. And, of course, even more this morning. And they all say roughly the same thing: where’s my¬†flying car/hoverboard/self-lacing

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Bad Graphic Designer Pick-Up Lines


It’s all the graphic designer’s fault, really. We were talking about an adjustment to a banner ad, increasing the spacing between some chunks of content. “Add breathing room,” she said, “but not an ocean of white space.” Me being me,

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This is why I am going to die alone.


The story begins, as so many of my stories do, with my car. I finally ditched my Alero in December, and bought a brand-new Subaru to replace it. There were many reasons for this, but a big one was that

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A cure for the common cold

homeopathic-home remedy certificate

So according to word of mouth (but not the Internet because I’m too lazy to look it up), this is a really bad flu season. I believe it; I know at work various bugs have gone around frequently. Not counting

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A cure for freezing to death

icy day

My paternal aunt and uncle are…eccentric. In an awesome way, mind. In addition to teaching me to identify Cob trees, my uncle taught me to drive stickshift on his farm…using a Japanese Isuzu, wherein the steering wheel is on the

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How to Make a Major Decision (A Christmas Story)


1. Know what you’re looking for. My parents have a tradition. The day after Thanksgiving, they go to a local Christmas tree farm and select a live tree for the family room. For the last two years, I have gotten

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In which I have a horrible idea for a sitcom


In the process of thinking through two other blogposts (Forthcoming! Maybe!) I randomly thought about the two seemingly opposed identities: being a single female, and identifying as a Complementarian. (This, for the record, is functionally where I fall for Biblical

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Things that Scare Creative Professionals

Two posts in one day? Now that’s scary. But this was too good to pass up. A former employer¬†created this *cough* highly scientific infographic about the things that scare creative professionals. I have to say, it’s pretty true…though I suspect

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You know you read too much in the Cthulhu Mythos when…

…this happens. Source image from NASA.

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A Very Marketing Christmas

So. First blog post in over a year. Better make it a good one, eh? One of my workplace’s traditions is a Christmas decorating contest. We’re encouraged to go all out on decorations, and one day at lunch the executive

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