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Things I Got From My Father

  1. Wavy hair. Horribly, horribly wavy. There’s a reason I never let it air-dry. 2. Introversion. Nothing beats a nice, quiet evening at home. 3. A caffeine addiction. I have an early memory of telling my father that I

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Why I Celebrate Robert Burns’ Birthday

Every night at the dinner table we had a tradition. We’d finish eating dinner, then Dad would read a brief devotional, then Mom would read a chapter from a novel. (We got through Lord of the Rings that way, for

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How to Make a Major Decision (A Christmas Story)

1. Know what you’re looking for. My parents have a tradition. The day after Thanksgiving, they go to a local Christmas tree farm and select a live tree for the family room. For the last two years, I have gotten

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Life on a North Woods Farm

I have an uncle who lives on a farm in northern Wisconsin. He’s been sending weekly missives for ages, but he recently started a blog: oldgrayegg.blogspot.com. Go read it. His life is more interesting than mine.

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Grandpa’s Written Legacy

For Christmas, Mom and my paternal grandmother collaborated and put together two notebooks of family history–one of as much general information as they could possibly gather, and one of Grandpa’s collected letters from his army days. I’ve just started reading

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