I’m learning! I created this image in Illustrator, using this tutorial as a guide. Not bad, considering it’s the first thing I’ve ever done in Illustrator, unless you count me using it to trace images to create my banners.

I spent maybe an hour creating this image to be a background for a powerpoint presentation. I’m kinda proud of how it turned out. It’s also interesting to realize just how comfortable I’m getting with photoshop.

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I like Moby, and enjoy reading his blog except for when he’s being political, as he has been for the last, oh, nine months or so–he’s extremely liberal, to the extent of (and, in some ways, beyond) “OH EM GEE …

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Last weekend I volunteered as a conference associate for Meaningful Play. In general, it was a positive experience for attendees–personally, I heard several rave reviews. And honestly, as one of the registration desk people, things could have gone a lot …

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I’ve started messing around in Photoshop a bit just to see what I can teach myself. (That, and there was a class assignment using it once.) For lack of any better topics to write about, and perhaps to motivate myself …

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