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Sonnet Sunday 32: In Mud

I don’t remember the exact context for this sonnet. It must have been a bad week at work. I can tell you that it was—obviously—inspired by that parable or poem of the two prisoners: one looked down and saw only

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Design Tips for Non-Designers: Creating Charts That Don’t Lie

Three bad representations of data. If you're reading this with a screen reader, you'd have an advantage in that you'd probably get the numbers straight-out so you wouldn't see the warped data...but I'm not including the numbers here. Sorry.

As someone who does a lot with design in her work, I have several design pet peeves. The obvious ones, of course, are designs incorporating Comic Sans or Papyrus, but 3-D graphs rank up there in surprising ways. Having just

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My Life in Symbolism: The Last Rose (part 2)

The second object lesson from my rose bushes is this: things break. Of the two rose bushes , the one on the left bloomed first. Seven or eight roses, all at once. The one on the right, meanwhile, only had

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Changes are afoot

I stumbled on this tonight: I absolutely love it. It’s plain, simple, and perfect. There were other things I was going to write, but I’m tired and having image uploading issues. Suffice it to say, if I’m not completely lazy,

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Why Microsoft Continues Going Strong

One of my clients is pretty heavily reliant on Macs. This is fine by me… when I’m in the office. But it’s kind of difficult to look at Keynote files from my home PC. Keynote, to the unaware, is an

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Life lesson #2197

Good, user-centered design is often simple and elegant. I just wish the process of designing was as well.

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Life on a North Woods Farm

I have an uncle who lives on a farm in northern Wisconsin. He’s been sending weekly missives for ages, but he recently started a blog: Go read it. His life is more interesting than mine.

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Site updates in progress

For the record, I’ll be picking away at redesigning this site (and particularly the portfolio) over the next few weeks. If you’re visiting it live and it looks particularly wonky, that’s why.

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Ah, LSJ, How I Loathe Thee

There’s been a lot of hype about how the internet is killing newspapers. Armed with two recent headlines from the Lansing State Journal, I must ask: is this actually a bad thing? I mean, think of the rigorous standards leading

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Image Dump Yet Again

I’m learning! I created this image in Illustrator, using this tutorial as a guide. Not bad, considering it’s the first thing I’ve ever done in Illustrator, unless you count me using it to trace images to create my banners.

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