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I wrote a blog post

…for the Covenant Eyes blog. For anyone wondering, this blog post subtly summarizes 2011 for me. I’ve actually done quite a bit of writing over the last year, mostly for work. Since this website was at one point supposed to

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The problem with blogging (or any hobby, really) is that as soon as it feels like homework, I lose all desire to do it. More posts will come eventually. I promise.

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WasabiJane Reboot:2010

In a fit of uncharacteristic motivation, I spent Friday evening redesigning my website (see also: the aforementioned afoot changes, only 3.5 months late). I’m nowhere near done, of course, but it’s already better than what I had before. Ah, what

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Finally updating the site look…

…so if you stumble across this site before I’ve finished customizing everything, the look is still a work in progress. You know, if the blog weren’t such an integral component, I’d just be doing a flash intro right now. That

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