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The Grandmothers (An Advent Narrative)

One by one, the grandmothers filed into the room. Nearby, the new parents had collapsed exhausted on the cold stone ground. The man was propped up on a pile of hay, his arm and part of his robe wrapped protectively

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Sense-Making in a World that Makes No Sense

I seek out patterns in things. I seek to replicate the good, or to avoid the bad. Right now I see a horrific pattern of death among the people I know. Physical death: loved ones losing loved ones. In October,

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Every once in a while, I write a poem worth sharing.

Dedicated to my friends who feel the waters lapping at their feet. Also, if you don’t understand it, go read Exodus 14. These salted waves lap up against the shore. A small crab scuttles past. Bitter, I frown. They say

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Little Sausage Fingers (An Advent Narrative)

He was most looking forward to seeing the stars. It had been some time since he had walked the Earth, and they had always been his favorite sight, the vast multitude of light that overcame the expanse of darkness of

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Defying the Dark: A Thanksgiving Prayer

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies Psalm 23:5a It was a sunny, balmy October Sunday. About a hundred of us filled the wooden pews of a small church in Nashville, reflecting on the creative

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The Darkness and the Glory

“We rented a room,” she said. Her voice cut across the table, cut through the banal conversations, commanding attention. Maybe five minutes earlier, they had been brought into the Commons at work, where Sales and Marketing were having a potluck.

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“The Ballad of Matthew’s Begats” is the most important Easter song you’ve never heard

For never having studied at seminary, I know the Bible pretty darn well. I’m not saying that to brag, or to be all holier-than-thou. In a lot of ways, I can’t help it; I cut my teeth (so to speak)

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Why I’m Passionate About Porn

Last week, I posted this video on Facebook: I should have known better, of course. I mean, I hate controversy, and I have several Facebook friends who are in the pro-porn camp. So, of course, controversy came. As I realized

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Theology Nerd Alert: The Most Awkward Thanksgiving

So John Piper, Rob Bell, and Francis Chan walk into a house… Here’s the full comic. (Personally, I would have used Joel Osteen as the punchline.) This makes me happier than it probably should. And also sad, because theological divisions are

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In which I have a horrible idea for a sitcom

In the process of thinking through two other blogposts (Forthcoming! Maybe!) I randomly thought about the two seemingly opposed identities: being a single female, and identifying as a Complementarian. (This, for the record, is functionally where I fall for Biblical

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