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Sonnet Sunday 97: Lula’s Lunches

Today’s sonnet is another one that is objectively not much good, but I’m posting it as a personal tribute. I work in Owosso, MI. Located halfway between Lansing and Flint and surrounded by farms, it technically qualifies as a city

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Sonnet Sunday 96: He Who Has Ears

Judas has always been a fascinating character to me, and perhaps moreso since reading a speculative blog post a decade ago, wondering what would have happened had Judas not hanged himself. Would the resurrected Jesus have hunted him out, and

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Sonnet Sunday 95: The Last Blessing

When I began my current Bible readthrough a little under a year ago, I invited some friends to join along with me. That group and format has morphed a few times over the last almost-year, but continues with a larger

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Sonnet Sunday: Concerning Nate the Snake, or, a Moral for the Edification of the Reader

Today’s sonnet won’t make sense unless you read The Epic Tragedie of Nate the Snake. Granted, it may not make much sense even if you have read it. Both of these poems are being posted entirely for my own gratification

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The Epic Tragedie of Nate the Snake

I skipped Sonnet Sunday yesterday so I could tell you this tragic tale of woe instead. Dating back to circa late spring 2004, it was first recounted to me by my friend Jesse Bickel, a classmate and co-laborer at InterVarsity

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Sonnet Sunday 92: An Introvert’s Prayer

At the end of February, I dared believe that I was exiting a “winter” season, full of stress and chaos, and was about to re-enter a period of growth and peace. The last few weeks have proven otherwise. My own

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Sonnet Sunday 91: The Body is a Temple

“God takes the Almighty Spirit of Christ and puts it in these broken, fragile vessels…” – Rick Bourque, April 23, 2017 This week a number of different things (Patrick’s funeral being among them) have led me to reflect on what

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Sonnet Sunday 90: Patrick

“Let’s say Lisa gets hit by a bus, and all her processes die with her. What new processes would you create?” Patrick and I were in the middle of our first interview to hire someone to take some writing and

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Sonnet Sunday 89: Asa’s Offering

Every time I read the Old Testament I’m struck by which kings the Bible describes as good and which ones it describes as bad. The most common theme tends to be how a particular king treats idolators: the worst kings

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Sonnet Sunday 88: The Fog

Today’s sonnet was written during last year’s period of intensifying stress. I think it was also based on the truth: the stars were gorgeous one morning before my 5:30 a.m. workout; when I left at 6:30, they were completely covered

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