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Sonnet Sunday 63: Polishing the Dirt

As I’ve mentioned several times, I’m in the middle of a busy season at work, which means lots of fruitfulness, but also lots of stress. In fact, I turned Labor Day’s normal 3-day weekend into a 5-day weekend just so

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Sonnet Sunday 62: The Tomatoes

For several months, I have been in what can best be described as “a rough season.” Really, this should have been obvious much sooner, but July and August have been especially chaotic. The car is the obvious example here, but

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Sonnet Sunday 61: Sunflower

It’s sunflower season! Have a sunflower-inspired love poem. For the record, this poem changed fairly significantly since I first wrote it in 2015. The changes are definite improvements, but I do miss one line I cut: “For what is found

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Sonnet Sunday 59: Doctrinal Divides

Today’s poem was from the November 2016 Poem a Day challenge, to the prompt “Stay or Leave.” One of the core events of my life was going through a church split while I was in high school. New pastors always

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Sonnet Sunday 59: Goldberged

This is another one of those sonnets that I’m publishing less because it’s just that good, but more because it’s the right time for me to publish it. This last week has been another chaos vortex. On Wednesday, my car

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Sonnet Sunday 58: Where It Hurts

This is not the sonnet I intended to publish today. But seeing as I forgot to actually hit “publish” when I scheduled the original sonnet, I may as well publish this one instead. I have a storied history of car

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Sonnet Sunday 57: The Mystery of Poetry

Last week’s sonnet, on contentment in singleness, is a reasonably solid encapsulation of my philosophy on singleness and relationships. The only problem with it is, that is not where I was at when I sat down to wrote it. Oh,

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Sonnet Sunday 56: Shall I Be Wasteful?

I mostly let it roll off me when people tell me I should be married. Usually it’s older people who mean it out of a sincere place of caring; they see my character (or at least, the face I publicly

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Sonnet Sunday 55: The Course of Current Events

Wednesday was Independence Day. That makes today a good day to publish a quasi-political poem, yes? This poem was written for the November 2016 Poem a Day Challenge, and in fact was written on November 8. Election Day. The prompt:

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Sonnet Sunday 54: Communion Prayer

The last week, and particularly Friday, has been absorbed by what I’m calling a Chaos Vortex. I’m sure you can figure out what I mean by that; you’ve probably experienced your own Chaos Vortex. Something chaotic happens, and maybe you

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