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The Prophets of Old Town


Back in July, I entered a creative writing contest sponsored by the Lansing State Journal. I did not win, but I liked the story enough that I figured I’d share it. For the record, the restriction was that the story (or

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Courage and Creativity in a Delorean


Given that tomorrow is Back to the Future Day, it was only natural to spend my evening rewatching the first movie in order to jump straight in to Part II tomorrow night. I’ve seen the trilogy about a billion times, of

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It’s 2015. Now let’s shut up about Back to the Future II.


I swear, within minutes of the ball drop in Times Square, there were already several posts about Back to the Future II. And, of course, even more this morning. And they all say roughly the same thing: where’s my flying car/hoverboard/self-lacing

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Predictions for Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: The Bloating of Five Subplots

Do yourself a favor and google "Party Thranduil." THAT WHICH HAS BEEN SEEN CANNOT BE UNSEEN.

At some point during the course of the last year, I apparently suffered a severe brain injury. There is no other explanation for the fact that I am looking forward to seeing part 3 of The Hobbit. Actually, there’s a very good

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Bad Graphic Designer Pick-Up Lines


It’s all the graphic designer’s fault, really. We were talking about an adjustment to a banner ad, increasing the spacing between some chunks of content. “Add breathing room,” she said, “but not an ocean of white space.” Me being me,

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A Guide to Enjoying The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug


Before seeing the movie… Do not read The Hobbit. Skip the rest of this list and enjoy the movie for the escapism that it is. If you have already read The Hobbit, get brain surgery to remove all memories of The Hobbit. Skip

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Myers-Briggs, Bible-Style


So I have a blog post in the works all about how Google+ screwed me over, but thinking is hard/meh effort/etc., so instead of finishing that you get a nifty Myers-Briggs infographic of characters from the Bible. Noah? Yeah, I

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Found Object: The Rant, dated November 1, 2000


One of Grand Valley’s student publications was a dubious collection of journalism known as “The Rant.” I don’t remember most of the things they covered; I think I stopped paying attention to its existence after Freshman year, and never did

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In which I write a poem (or, I put my Classics minor to use)


I wrote a poem. But there’s a backstory. As part of Operation Lisa-Does-The-Assigned-Reading-She-Never-Bothered-Doing-In-Undergrad, I’ve been reading a LOT of classics. Like, Ancient Greek classics. Like Plato and Thucydides and Aristophanes and Homer. A couple of texts in particular caught my

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A cure for the common cold

homeopathic-home remedy certificate

So according to word of mouth (but not the Internet because I’m too lazy to look it up), this is a really bad flu season. I believe it; I know at work various bugs have gone around frequently. Not counting

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