Sonnet Sunday 39: Pandora’s Box

I tend to go in cycles for how actively I write; college was a cycle of a lot of active writing, mostly because I was bored in class half the time. I believe I wrote this one in the Fall

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Sonnet Sunday 38: Hospice

One of last November’s Poem a Day prompts was “Whosoever…” The obvious response was “Whosoever calleth upon the name of the Lord shall be saved,” but I didn’t feel like going that route. I was in Ohio at the time,

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Sonnet Sunday 37: On Sonnets

With a few exceptions, most of the sonnets I’ve written have stemmed from thinking about some random topic (usually something going on personally), and then a line in iambic pentameter popping in my head. From there, the rest of a

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Sonnet Sunday 36: Debt

On February 10, I did my taxes. So what, you may be saying. Everyone but politicians and the super-rich pays taxes. Nothing’s certain except death and taxes, etc. And you wouldn’t be wrong. But for me, this year, getting the

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Sonnet Sunday 35: Echo and Narcissus

Over the last twoish years my poetry has vastly matured (your mileage may vary as to whether they could be called “good”). Most of the poems I wrote through college, and even into my early 30s, was personal; if any

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Sonnet Sunday 34: The Ache

Happy Almost-Valentines-Day! Have a semi-bitter poem about singleness. More to the point, I decided to post this one because when I was poking around through my old notebooks, it immediately reminded me of last week’s sonnet: specifically, the concept of

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Sonnet Sunday 33: The Knock

I’m publishing this week and next week’s sonnets for two reasons. First, they illustrate the evolution of an idea over the period of approximately 10 years: the unrequited love, the daydream of waiting for someone to come over who never

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Sonnet Sunday 32: In Mud

I don’t remember the exact context for this sonnet. It must have been a bad week at work. I can tell you that it was—obviously—inspired by that parable or poem of the two prisoners: one looked down and saw only

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Sonnet Sunday 31: Ode to Catie

I’ve been publishing way too many serious sonnets lately. Let’s go for something completely different, shall we? I pretty much always have at least one friend with whom my relationship is based largely on snark. One of my closest friends

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Sonnet Sunday 30: The Virus

Somehow, despite even having a seven year old with a bad cough living with me, I have managed to stay healthy in what I understand to be one of the rougher cold and flu seasons of recent years. Last year

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