Sonnet Sunday 55: The Course of Current Events

Wednesday was Independence Day. That makes today a good day to publish a quasi-political poem, yes? This poem was written for the November 2016 Poem a Day Challenge, and in fact was written on November 8. Election Day. The prompt:

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Sonnet Sunday 54: Communion Prayer

The last week, and particularly Friday, has been absorbed by what I’m calling a Chaos Vortex. I’m sure you can figure out what I mean by that; you’ve probably experienced your own Chaos Vortex. Something chaotic happens, and maybe you

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Sonnet Sunday 53: Jeremy

My senior year of undergrad, a long-term couple among my close friends broke up. I don’t remember the details of the breakup, but it wasn’t pretty. Over the winter semester in particular, Jeremy imploded. He more or less completely lost

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Sonnet Sunday 52: Moses’ Lament

Hey look, I’m on Sonnet 52! That’s a year of Sonnet Sundays! Go me! First, some business. I still have probably another year’s worth of sonnets to go, but having hit the year mark for sonnets, I may occasionally mix

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Sonnet Sunday 51: Modern Magic

I want you all to know how much I love you. I love you so much that, just when I had turned out my lights to go to bed, I realized I hadn’t prepared a sonnet for you all this

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Sonnet Sunday 50: Nucleomitophobia

Today’s sonnet is kind of ridiculous for one big reason: it’s about a video game. Specifically Fallout 4, which is why I’m publishing it now: since Fallout 76 was announced last week, now is as good a time as any

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Sonnet Sunday 49: Loss

I’m not the most empathetic of souls; in fact, I’m more the type of person who will say exactly the wrong thing at funerals. I wrote this sonnet as a reflection on my own lack of reaction when the grandmother

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Sonnet Sunday 48: The Burdens of a Single Man Are Few

Yes, yes, another love sonnet. Deal with it. That tends to be one of my major themes, after all. The reality is, I enjoy being single. I can eat what I want, sleep when I want, spend my money how

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Sonnet Sunday 47: A Hope Deferred

Oh, were you expecting some warm, fuzzy poem for Mother’s Day? Foolish mortals. Almost exactly 15 years ago I broke up with my first (and thus far last and only) boyfriend. We had been dating for all of a month.

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Sonnet Sunday 46: A Summary of a Bad Week at Work

Oh look, another fairly recent sonnet! I must be spoiling you with tolerably decent ones after second-guessing everything about my writing at Festival of Faith and Writing a few weeks ago. I wrote this one last November. I don’t actually

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