Sonnet Sunday 92: An Introvert’s Prayer

At the end of February, I dared believe that I was exiting a “winter” season, full of stress and chaos, and was about to re-enter a period of growth and peace. The last few weeks have proven otherwise. My own

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Sonnet Sunday 91: The Body is a Temple

“God takes the Almighty Spirit of Christ and puts it in these broken, fragile vessels…” – Rick Bourque, April 23, 2017 This week a number of different things (Patrick’s funeral being among them) have led me to reflect on what

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Sonnet Sunday 90: Patrick

“Let’s say Lisa gets hit by a bus, and all her processes die with her. What new processes would you create?” Patrick and I were in the middle of our first interview to hire someone to take some writing and

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Sonnet Sunday 89: Asa’s Offering

Every time I read the Old Testament I’m struck by which kings the Bible describes as good and which ones it describes as bad. The most common theme tends to be how a particular king treats idolators: the worst kings

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Sonnet Sunday 88: The Fog

Today’s sonnet was written during last year’s period of intensifying stress. I think it was also based on the truth: the stars were gorgeous one morning before my 5:30 a.m. workout; when I left at 6:30, they were completely covered

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Sonnet Sunday 87: Six Thousand Years

I don’t remember the context of today’s sonnet, other than that I was obviously reflecting on Genesis. I think we may have been talking about the creation story in Sunday School, and there was a lot of #metoo action at

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Sonnet Sunday 86: Tegucigalpa

I had the opportunity to visit Honduras as part of a missions trip back in 2001. This was the fourth country I had visited; the year before I went to Mexico and Guatemala with the same organization, and we had

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Sonnet Sunday 85: Esther

I’ve increasingly gravitated towards storytelling via sonnets. In part, I appreciate the challenge of condensing a narrative into 14 lines; in part they just tend to be more interesting than sonnets about ideas. Sometimes they require multiple revisions. Others work

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Sonnet Sunday 84: Wilderness

I’ve made it no secret that this last year has been tough. In fact, I’ve made plans to see a Biblical counselor periodically over the next few months to make sure I have appropriate coping strategies lined up. It’s already

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Sonnet Sunday 83: The Shepherd-King

First, if you didn’t see, I had my first poem featured on the Rabbit Room! Sort of. A few weeks ago Jonny Jimison asked me to draft something up for one of his Rabbit Room comics; I sent him something

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