Sonnet Sunday 18: In Dreams

I’ve always been a vivid dreamer; in fact, one of my earliest memories is of a recurring dream of being locked outside the house I lived in until I was 5, sitting next to our malamute and staring up at

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Sonnet Sunday 17: My Fourth Sonnet

Today’s sonnet is interesting for exactly one reason: it is apparently the fourth sonnet I ever wrote. I can tell this for two reasons. First, it’s dated to my senior year of high school, which is around the time I

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Sonnet Sunday 16: The Rabbit

In the 1930s and 1940s, the famous group known as the Inklings, founded by C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, met in the Rabbit Room, the private back lounge of the pub the Eagle and Child in Oxford. For somewhere around

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Sonnet Sunday 15: The Gray Hair

Image Credit Back in college, grey hairs were a sort of badge of honor. Theoretically you earned them by working soooo hard at classes, or taking classes and working a job, or whatever. These were all phrased as complaints, but

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Sonnet Sunday 14: Sometimes the Rage Comes

Image Credit: Dave Scriven I’m a pretty even-keel person. I rant, but it’s usually about silly things, and usually followed immediately by a laugh. But every once in a while, something happens to truly incite my fury. I don’t remember

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Image credit: Mount Gerizim by Daniel Milcah rolled over on the mat, taking most of the blanket with her and leaving Simon, who was snoring softly beside her, mostly uncovered. She lay there for a while, curled up comfortably, watching

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Sonnet Sunday 13: The Lonely Heart

Image Credit: Istvan Berta I’ve never been someone who guys have naturally found attractive, nor am I particularly forward about my feelings. The net result has been a fair number of one-sided crushes on my part. Today’s sonnet is a

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Sonnet Sunday 12: The Covenant

I’ve always had a thing for rainbows. When my great grandfather died, I remember going outside and seeing the most glorious double rainbow, and I think they’ve carried some sort of mystical meaning for me since. It got especially bad

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Sonnet Sunday 11: Lifting Weights

My health journey—and I still wouldn’t call myself healthy—has been a series of more downs than ups, by which I mean “I like food and hate physical activity.” I did well on Weight Watchers in 2011 and have had some

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Sonnet Sunday 10: My Heart is Cloistered, Lord, to Thee, and Yet

Just a few things to say about this one. First, I know I’ve been giving these sonnets names, but that’s more for blogging purposes. If I ever were to publish them in book format, I’m pretty sure I’d go the

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