What Grows Inside

Fun fact! With over 130 poems posted now, I don’t have a good system to keep track of what I’ve posted and what I have not, so I rely on the backend search function to see if I’ve posted something

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Natural Order

Today’s poem has a few layers. The first is in its form. It’s a golden shovel—the last word of every line comes from one of my favorite poems. And by “favorite” I mean “I sat there in my AP Literature

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The Road to Uganda 4: What If?

One of the ways faith plays out in my life is that, when I want to do something, I just tend to kind of walk forward in faith until God says no. Sometimes, God has to say no loudly and

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Chance and Fate

I don’t remember the exact context for today’s poem, but I do know that throughout my life, I have believed in divine control over key lifeevents, or “fate.”* So much of my life has been dictated by a few key

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The Apple

Today’s sonnet is based on a true story, also known as every day of my existence. The Apple Originally written 11/15/2019. #134. I am the apple, sitting on your desk Just watching you eat junk food every day, With both

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Persephone’s Choice

Back in undergrad, when I was more deeply immersed in Greek literature, I came back regularly to mythology as inspiration for poetry. I’ve written at least three inspired by the Hades/Persephone myth, of which I’ve already shared one and may

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The Road to Uganda 3: A Financial Update

First, a quick apology: I intended to post regularly, but life intervened (as it often does). I promise to update more regularly. Now for the actual update. I was asked to help with a bunch of back-end administrative prep for

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The Dwarves of Yore

During this year’s Poem a Day challenge, I fell in love with the Golden Shovel poem. Basically, you take a line (or more) of a poem, and write your ow poem, ending each line with a word from that line.

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A Christmas Sonnet: Act V

Read Act I, Act II, Act III, and Act IV. A Christmas Sonnet: Act V Originally written April 21, 2019. #131. Alive, alive! Scrooge woke up in his room, Alone, but not alone—his heart awake. He felt like Lazarus, leaving his tomb,

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A Christmas Sonnet: Act IV

Read Act I, Act II, and Act III A Christmas Sonnet: Act IV Originally written April 15, 2019. #130 A grave, a grave! Beneath a willow tree, Scrooge watched Bob lay his child into the ground. Each shovelful of dirt, laid

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