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Sonnet Sunday 5: The Spell

Way back when I worked at a dry cleaners, I remember a coworker telling a story of going to the bathroom at a bar, where a modern witch blew glitter on her and said she had cast a spell. This

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Sonnet Sunday 4: O Death

This is not the sonnet I originally intended to post today. I wrote this one back in October or November when a lot of people around me were experiencing tragedy. This past Thursday night, a young man I know in

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Sonnet Sunday 3: The Dragon and the Princess

During my final year of college, several of my friends went through particularly ugly breakups. If I recall correctly, this particular breakup was publicly cordial for the sake of the group, but the girl was one of my roommates, so

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Sonnet Sunday 2: The Dancers

I don’t remember when I wrote this particular poem. It was sometime before November 2005; I know this because I included it in a mostly-absurd attempt to pull some of my poems together for publication. Most of them aren’t worth

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Sonnet Sunday 1: On the Writing of Sonnets

Every once in a while, somebody asks me for advice in starting a blog. My first piece of advice is always this: Blogging is hard. Don’t start unless you have a specific idea in mind. I usually then use this

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The Grandmothers (An Advent Narrative)

One by one, the grandmothers filed into the room. Nearby, the new parents had collapsed exhausted on the cold stone ground. The man was propped up on a pile of hay, his arm and part of his robe wrapped protectively

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Sense-Making in a World that Makes No Sense

I seek out patterns in things. I seek to replicate the good, or to avoid the bad. Right now I see a horrific pattern of death among the people I know. Physical death: loved ones losing loved ones. In October,

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The Prophets of Old Town

Back in July, I entered a creative writing contest sponsored by the Lansing State Journal. I did not win, but I liked the story enough that I figured I’d share it. For the record, the restriction was that the story (or

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Every once in a while, I write a poem worth sharing.

Dedicated to my friends who feel the waters lapping at their feet. Also, if you don’t understand it, go read Exodus 14. These salted waves lap up against the shore. A small crab scuttles past. Bitter, I frown. They say

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We’re Getting There.

This election season has been rough, even for those of us who try to stay apolitical. In historical perspective, maybe it’s not all that bad; we’re not in the midst of a civil war, for example. But still, it feels

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