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Sonnet Sunday 90: Patrick

“Let’s say Lisa gets hit by a bus, and all her processes die with her. What new processes would you create?” Patrick and I were in the middle of our first interview to hire someone to take some writing and

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Sonnet Sunday 89: Asa’s Offering

Every time I read the Old Testament I’m struck by which kings the Bible describes as good and which ones it describes as bad. The most common theme tends to be how a particular king treats idolators: the worst kings

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Sonnet Sunday 88: The Fog

Today’s sonnet was written during last year’s period of intensifying stress. I think it was also based on the truth: the stars were gorgeous one morning before my 5:30 a.m. workout; when I left at 6:30, they were completely covered

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Sonnet Sunday 87: Six Thousand Years

I don’t remember the context of today’s sonnet, other than that I was obviously reflecting on Genesis. I think we may have been talking about the creation story in Sunday School, and there was a lot of #metoo action at

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Sonnet Sunday 86: Tegucigalpa

I had the opportunity to visit Honduras as part of a missions trip back in 2001. This was the fourth country I had visited; the year before I went to Mexico and Guatemala with the same organization, and we had

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Sonnet Sunday 85: Esther

I’ve increasingly gravitated towards storytelling via sonnets. In part, I appreciate the challenge of condensing a narrative into 14 lines; in part they just tend to be more interesting than sonnets about ideas. Sometimes they require multiple revisions. Others work

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Sonnet Sunday 84: Wilderness

I’ve made it no secret that this last year has been tough. In fact, I’ve made plans to see a Biblical counselor periodically over the next few months to make sure I have appropriate coping strategies lined up. It’s already

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Sonnet Sunday 83: The Shepherd-King

First, if you didn’t see, I had my first poem featured on the Rabbit Room! Sort of. A few weeks ago Jonny Jimison asked me to draft something up for one of his Rabbit Room comics; I sent him something

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Sonnet Sunday 82: Wayward Dog

I’ve mentioned many times that 2018 was a stressful year. In an effort to get ahead of some upcoming stress emotionally, I’ve been digging into how Scripture applies to emotions—how to turn general scriptural knowledge into specific prayers against my

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Sonnet Sunday 81: The Miscarriage

First, before anyone asks, there’s no special reason for me to publish this sonnet today. I just flipped through one of my notebooks, saw it, and asked myself if I could think of any reason NOT to publish it. That

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