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This is why I am going to die alone.


The story begins, as so many of my stories do, with my car. I finally ditched my Alero in December, and bought a brand-new Subaru to replace it. There were many reasons for this, but a big one was that

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It’s National Poetry Month! Here’s my favorite poem.


In spite of – or perhaps because of – our annual celebration of Robert Burns’ birthday, I never really got into poetry. I’m still not sure I really get it, in spite of the wisdom of the years and my

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Just bragging for a moment


A few comments: If you ever hear me ranting about white flight in Detroit and the Index of Dissimilarity, this should help explain why (and why I can rightfully claim I know what I’m talking about). Also, I’m kind of

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Found Object: The Rant, dated November 1, 2000


One of Grand Valley’s student publications was a dubious collection of journalism known as “The Rant.” I don’t remember most of the things they covered; I think I stopped paying attention to its existence after Freshman year, and never did

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In which I write a poem (or, I put my Classics minor to use)


I wrote a poem. But there’s a backstory. As part of Operation Lisa-Does-The-Assigned-Reading-She-Never-Bothered-Doing-In-Undergrad, I’ve been reading a LOT of classics. Like, Ancient Greek classics. Like Plato and Thucydides and Aristophanes and Homer. A couple of texts in particular caught my

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Design Tips for Non-Designers: Creating Charts That Don’t Lie

Three bad representations of data. If you're reading this with a screen reader, you'd have an advantage in that you'd probably get the numbers straight-out so you wouldn't see the warped data...but I'm not including the numbers here. Sorry.

As someone who does a lot with design in her work, I have several design pet peeves. The obvious ones, of course, are designs incorporating Comic Sans or Papyrus, but 3-D graphs rank up there in surprising ways. Having just

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A cure for the common cold

homeopathic-home remedy certificate

So according to word of mouth (but not the Internet because I’m too lazy to look it up), this is a really bad flu season. I believe it; I know at work various bugs have gone around frequently. Not counting

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Why I Celebrate Robert Burns’ Birthday


Every night at the dinner table we had a tradition. We’d finish eating dinner, then Dad would read a brief devotional, then Mom would read a chapter from a novel. (We got through Lord of the Rings that way, for

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A cure for freezing to death

icy day

My paternal aunt and uncle are…eccentric. In an awesome way, mind. In addition to teaching me to identify Cob trees, my uncle taught me to drive stickshift on his farm…using a Japanese Isuzu, wherein the steering wheel is on the

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3 things singles can learn from Ebenezer Scrooge


I’ve been steeped extra deeply in A Christmas Carol this year. In addition to my normal viewings of the Magoo and Muppets versions, the Marketing department used the George C. Scott version as a springboard for this year’s decorating contest.

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