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Sonnet Sunday 13: The Lonely Heart

Image Credit: Istvan Berta I’ve never been someone who guys have naturally found attractive, nor am I particularly forward about my feelings. The net result has been a fair number of one-sided crushes on my part. Today’s sonnet is a

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Sonnet Sunday 12: The Covenant

I’ve always had a thing for rainbows. When my great grandfather died, I remember going outside and seeing the most glorious double rainbow, and I think they’ve carried some sort of mystical meaning for me since. It got especially bad

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Sonnet Sunday 11: Lifting Weights

My health journey—and I still wouldn’t call myself healthy—has been a series of more downs than ups, by which I mean “I like food and hate physical activity.” I did well on Weight Watchers in 2011 and have had some

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Sonnet Sunday 10: My Heart is Cloistered, Lord, to Thee, and Yet

Just a few things to say about this one. First, I know I’ve been giving these sonnets names, but that’s more for blogging purposes. If I ever were to publish them in book format, I’m pretty sure I’d go the

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Sonnet Sunday 9: Lapidary

When he was younger, my maternal grandfather enjoyed the hobby of lapidary—polishing stones and gems and setting them into jewelry. When he passed away, he left his equipment, jewelry in various stages of completion, and a ton of stones (some

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Sonnet Sunday 8: On Winstead Hill

For the second time in two months, this is not the poem I originally planned to post today I tend to avoid posting about things like politics and world events on social media. For one thing, it’s easy to get

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Sonnet Sunday 7: The Gods

I found this one in an old prayer journal. Based on the date, it would have been just after the 2004 Summer Olympics kicked off in Athens, Greece; between that and the fact that I had just completed my undergraduate

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3 Theories on Why the Proverbs 31 Woman Doesn’t Study Scripture

Image Credit: Michael Tapp Last week, blogger Tim Challies posted a question someone had asked him: Looking over Proverbs 31, something came to mind. You see her busy with worldly concerns, but you don’t see her reading the Bible/Torah, talking

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Sonnet Sunday 6: The Worshippers

Somehow I’ve gotten through the first six sonnets without publishing a single truly religious one! Given that they make up most of my sonnets, it’s kind of a shock. This is another one from the ill-fated book of poetry. It

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Sonnet Sunday 5: The Spell

Way back when I worked at a dry cleaners, I remember a coworker telling a story of going to the bathroom at a bar, where a modern witch blew glitter on her and said she had cast a spell. This

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