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Dear McDonald’s and LEGO: This is not how you do marketing.


One of the byproducts of (a) being a single person who (b) lives alone and (c) tends to be lazy is that I eat out more than I really should. McDonald’s tends to be an at-least-weekly thing for me, mostly

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Bad Graphic Designer Pick-Up Lines


It’s all the graphic designer’s fault, really. We were talking about an adjustment to a banner ad, increasing the spacing between some chunks of content. “Add breathing room,” she said, “but not an ocean of white space.” Me being me,

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A Guide to Enjoying The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug


Before seeing the movie… Do not read The Hobbit. Skip the rest of this list and enjoy the movie for the escapism that it is. If you have already read The Hobbit, get brain surgery to remove all memories of The Hobbit. Skip

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A Luddite’s Lament


Tonight, in my quest to keep myself entertained while I clean my apartment (side note: I have many things I should be doing right now instead of writing this blog post), I decided to pop in a movie. It needed

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Why I’m Passionate About Porn


Last week, I posted this video on Facebook: I should have known better, of course. I mean, I hate controversy, and I have several Facebook friends who are in the pro-porn camp. So, of course, controversy came. As I realized

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Alumni LENS: So close, yet so far


My first professional job out of college was with Michigan State University Outreach & Engagement (UOE for short). One of my primary tasks throughout my six years there was the maintenance of MSU Statewide (formerly the Statewide Resource Network, or SRN), a massive

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Feedly vs. Google Reader: A Brief Evaluation


The impending loss of Google Reader falls into the category of “Deep Personal Tragedy,” since in addition to Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail, it’s one of the sites I check multiple times a day, and have been since 2007 or so.

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Myers-Briggs, Bible-Style


So I have a blog post in the works all about how Google+ screwed me over, but thinking is hard/meh effort/etc., so instead of finishing that you get a nifty Myers-Briggs infographic of characters from the Bible. Noah? Yeah, I

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This is why I am going to die alone.


The story begins, as so many of my stories do, with my car. I finally ditched my Alero in December, and bought a brand-new Subaru to replace it. There were many reasons for this, but a big one was that

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It’s National Poetry Month! Here’s my favorite poem.


In spite of – or perhaps because of – our annual celebration of Robert Burns’ birthday, I never really got into poetry. I’m still not sure I really get it, in spite of the wisdom of the years and my

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