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Sonnet Sunday 35: Echo and Narcissus

Over the last twoish years my poetry has vastly matured (your mileage may vary as to whether they could be called “good”). Most of the poems I wrote through college, and even into my early 30s, was personal; if any

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Sonnet Sunday 34: The Ache

Happy Almost-Valentines-Day! Have a semi-bitter poem about singleness. More to the point, I decided to post this one because when I was poking around through my old notebooks, it immediately reminded me of last week’s sonnet: specifically, the concept of

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Sonnet Sunday 33: The Knock

I’m publishing this week and next week’s sonnets for two reasons. First, they illustrate the evolution of an idea over the period of approximately 10 years: the unrequited love, the daydream of waiting for someone to come over who never

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Sonnet Sunday 32: In Mud

I don’t remember the exact context for this sonnet. It must have been a bad week at work. I can tell you that it was—obviously—inspired by that parable or poem of the two prisoners: one looked down and saw only

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Sonnet Sunday 31: Ode to Catie

I’ve been publishing way too many serious sonnets lately. Let’s go for something completely different, shall we? I pretty much always have at least one friend with whom my relationship is based largely on snark. One of my closest friends

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Sonnet Sunday 30: The Virus

Somehow, despite even having a seven year old with a bad cough living with me, I have managed to stay healthy in what I understand to be one of the rougher cold and flu seasons of recent years. Last year

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Sonnet Sunday 29: The Guardian

Image Credit: Paul Williams There’s something about stars in cold weather. Maybe it’s simply that Michigan is frequently covered by clouds in winter in particular, and that the days are so short, but when the stars are visible they seem

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Sonnet Sunday 28: Come See the Glory

We’ve been in the midst of a bitterly cold stretch of weather recently, and a particularly snowy one as well. This, strange to say, is perhaps my favorite time to go out to see Lake Michigan, to watch the waves

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Sonnet Sunday 27: The Promise Kept

If you want a feel-good Christmas sonnet, look elsewhere. Here or here, if you want something feel-good from me. The genesis of this sonnet is Hutchmoot. Randall Goodgame was playing his rendition of “For Unto Us a Child is Born.”

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Sonnet Sunday 26: The Package Deal

Wow, Sonnet Sunday 26! Hard to believe I’ve been posting these for half a year. I found today’s sonnet in an old prayer journal. Or more specifically, I found it by clicking around randomly in the set of poems I

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