This Time

Today’s poem, from the November 20 Poem a Day challenge, goes out to the surprising number of people I know who have applied for or changed jobs in the last few months.

This Time

Originally Written November 7, 2020

“This time it will be different,” he said.
He nervously adjusted his best tie
And looked his suit coat over for loose threads.
“Just have to show them that I’m the right guy.”
He signed in at the front desk, and was led
Up to a sterile-looking conference room.
He wondered, “Is this place always so dead?
It’s just so solemn. Feels just like a tomb.
The interviewers entered, single-file,
Like drones with no shred of humanity.
They interviewed him—or was it a trial?
He thought he’d die from the inanity
Of working in accounting in his prime.
He left, and smiled, and stretched, and said, “Next time!”

Photo by Ben Rosett on Unsplash

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