The Cowboy

Today’s poem is another from the November 2020 Poem a Day challenge, this time to the prompt of Lucky. No real reason for sharing it today. Enjoy.

The Cowboy

Originally written November 13, 2020

The cowboy said, “I’m just lucky, I guess.”
He swept his winnings in his saddlebag,
Stood up, and stretched. Said, “Well, I’m headed west,”
And went outside to where his old gray nag
Was hitched. Back in the bar, the old boys said,
“I bet he cheated.” “Yes—let’s take ‘im down.”
“He won my whole paycheck. I’ll see ‘im dead.”
“Yeah—Dead or gone. We’ll run ‘im outta town.”
The three men stepped outside, their faces grim.
“We think you cheated—want our money back.”
“I didn’t cheat. You fellas is just dim.
I’ll take you all down—all you all sad sacks.”
He pulled his gun fast—shot them, one, two, three:
“Guess I’m a wanted man now. Lucky me.”

Photo by Taylor Brandon on Unsplash

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