Prairie Twilight

Way back in October (three months ago today, in fact), my friend Kristen painted a gorgeous watercolor and posted it on her Instagram. I made a comment that I wanted a print of it, and she responded by painting a very similar picture as a postcard and sending it to me two days later, because she is awesome like that.

“Oh!” I thought when I received it. “I should write her a sonnet based on the art.” (For those who know, I was definitely thinking of Pass the Piece.)

And then I didn’t.

November rolled in, and with it came the Poetry Pub’s Poem a Day challenge. November 22’s prompt was “Ekphrastic,” which basically means we were supposed to be inspired by artwork. “Perfect!” I thought. “I’ll write it based off Kristen’s postcard”—which I did—”and then send it to her!”

And then I didn’t.

December rolled in. “I’ll send it to her in her Christmas card!”

And then I didn’t. (More specifically I only sent Christmas cards to family and approximately five friends this year.)

So, long and short, I figured today was as good a day as any to just break down and publish it here. Thanks for the artwork/postcard, Kristen!

Prairie Twilight

Originally written November 22, 2021

At dusk, the fireflies rise. Their gentle glow
Is magic dust among the prairie grass,
A gentle recreation of the show
The stars produce each night. A wide-mouth bass,
With flash of fin, flits to the surface of
The nearby river, seeking out its prey,
Ignoring what is happening above
Its river, unaware of night or day,
Unmindful of the gentle breeze that blows
Celestial kisses down to Mother Earth.
And Earth and Heaven, in their twin light shows
Enter a dance, and whisper of rebirth:
A future time when Heav’n and Earth are one,
Rejoined to sing the praises of the Son.

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