Artists’ Hands

I wrote this one in honor of two good friends who got married last week. (Hopefully they saw it in the card before they see it here.)

Artists’ Hands

Originally written April 26, 2022

Two sets of artists’ hands. One works with clay,
A sculptor crafting intricate delights,
Designed for use or prominent display,
All works of love, all works of joy and light.
Two sets of artists’ hands. One works with ink
And stylus, telling tales of daring deeds:
Princesses bold and fair, brought to the brink;
Reluctant heroes and their snarky steeds.
Two sets of artists’ hands. What will they make
When joined together in eternal ties?
Together may their artistry awake
To fill the world with delight and surprise,
Sharing the gifts received from lovers’ lands,
And always guided by the Artist’s hands.

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