In a Senseless World

I wrote today’s poem in November 2019 to the prompt “music.” It’s a Golden Shovel—a poem where the last word in each line matches up with some other phrase. This one uses the first few lines of Andrew Peterson’s marvelous “Is He Worthy.” The world is even more chaotic now (though the last week has felt like a reprieve from the chaos), but the sentiment still rings true.

In A Senseless World

Originally written November 18, 2019

When the people do the things that they ought not do
And when your friend does not remain faithful to you
And the truth of what you’re told differs from how you feel,
What is there to do but raise your hands up to the
Sky and beg for sense from a senseless world?
What can you do but cry and scream and beg for what is
Real to be made clear, to shine through like a light out of a broken
Clay pot? Pray that you can find another you so you can be a we,
Finding truth together in a world that knows not what You do?

Photo by Ian on Unsplash

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