Demons, I Name You

This comes from a prayer journal. I don’t recall the immediate context, but it feels like an opposite of the Armor of God. I’ve made strides in a lot of these, I think, especially bitterness and negativism, but some of them are still strongholds in my life (I’m looking at you, gluttony and laziness). I don’t have much more to say about this, but it’s good to take stock of your sins every once in a while. That’s the only way you can really hand them to God for healing.

Demons, I Name You

Originally written February 27, 2005

Demons, I name you:
Bitterness, my constant friend.
Defensiveness, my warrior.
Self-importance, my armor.
Dread, my bedfellow.
Want, my wallet.
Gluttony, my tranquilizer.
Laziness, my regeneration.
Deceit, my security blanket.
Frustration, my tea.
Negativism, my morningstar.

Take my life and let it be
Consecrated, Lord, to Thee
Take my moments and my days
Let them flow in ceaseless praise
Let them flow in ceaseless praise

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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