An Unexpected Party

Just another poem from last November’s challenge. This one was based on the prompt “Unexpected” and is a retelling of the beginning of The Hobbit. Enjoy!

An Unexpected Party

Originally written November 2, 2020

“How’d you react if thirteen dwarves showed up
On your doorstep, expecting to be fed,
Traipsing mud in, dirtying every cup,
And then expecting that you will be led
Through misty mountains and goblins’ domains,
On backs of eagles and through evil woods,
Then rescue those same dwarves from elven chains,
And then—to go and steal a dragon’s goods!
I’ll tell you this: Bagginses stay at home,
Ignoring Tookish impulses, and rest.
No wizards cause good Bagginses to roam
Away from the fair Shire! No way! Unless…
‘Small fellow, bobbing on the mat,’ you say?
I am insulted! Let us go—today!”

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