When the Sun Shines

In undergrad, every once in a while our profs would decide to teach class outside. As a lit major, we could usually find some justification about examining the natural world like the poets or something, but really, it was mostly just that autumn at Grand Valley was gorgeous. This was a rare treat, of course. More often, the profs talked about what a lovely day it was outside just like the poets and kept us locked in the classroom for the lecture. The most egregious example was the time we slaved away indoors over our own weekends to get our papers on Wordsworth done on time; the prof failed to grade them for weeks because he was “out enjoying nature,” and he “figured Wordsworth would approve.” Anyway, today’s slightly cheesy sonnet was written during class on one of those sunny days. I have posted it today as a reflection of the fact that I am in desperate need of a vacation.

When the Sun Shines

Originally written around Fall 2003

I’m full of restless energy today
I want to stay outside and let the Sun
Send cleansing rays. I want to go and play
With all my friends until the day is done
I want to climb a tree. I want to sit
And rest my back against a kindly oak
And read a book. I want to learn to flit
Among the clouds with all the feathered folk.
I want to run and skip and dance and sing
I want to let my dreams out in the air.
I want to fly a kite. I want to ring
A bell. I want to give and love and share
This joy. I want for everyone to see
That when the sun shines down, we all are free.

Photo by Fran on Unsplash

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