To Kelly, On Her Wedding Day

Today—I think—is an old friend’s wedding day.

It wasn’t supposed to be today. It was originally scheduled for early April. But because of COVID-19, Kelly and her fiancé decided to have a family-only ceremony, and not delay.

She’s waited so long for this. She should have had her special day. And I wish I could be there, celebrating with her.

But I’m so glad she’s getting married anyway. Because now, more than ever, we need the Bridegroom.

To Kelly, On Her Wedding Day

I know this isn’t quite what you had planned—
A wedding, more or less in quarantine.
This situation’s hard to understand,
And yet I’ll bet you’re glowing like a queen
Adorned in royal robes, with matchless grace,
Heart bursting forth with joy to be a wife.
And you’ll look up, adoring, at his face,
So glad to have him next to you, as life
Begins to spiral out of man’s control,
As though the Earth is crying for Her groom.
And may you join with him, heart, mind, and soul,
Through these dark days, so full of doom and gloom.
‘Til darkness fades, and dawn arrives at last,
Cling to each other. Hold each other fast.

Photo from last Summer. Kelly is in the middle.

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