The Dwarves of Yore

During this year’s Poem a Day challenge, I fell in love with the Golden Shovel poem. Basically, you take a line (or more) of a poem, and write your ow poem, ending each line with a word from that line. In other words, you know those Rickroll poems where the first word of each line spells out “Never Gonna Give You Up”? Put that phrase at the END of the lines and it’s a Golden Shovel. I don’t know if there’s a term for the first word version. Since I mostly remember seeing it as Rickrolls or Smashmouth-All-Star-rolls, maybe it’s a Golden Pooper Scooper. At any rate, the idea is that you’ve found gold, and now you’re digging deeper.

Today’s is from the Misty Mountains song in The Hobbit, posted in honor of Tolkien’s birthday on January 3.

The Dwarves of Yore

Originally written November 15, 2019. #132.

While elves still danced across the sea, while
Ents still trod and shepherded the trees, hammers
tapped gently, shaping mythril into a goblet. Scraps fell
onto the floor; were swept up; tossed like
trash, unneeded in the abundance. Ringing
around the delicate cup, the dwarves’ joyous laughter pealed like bells.

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