The Domestic Robot Becomes Self-Aware

I’m sharing another from this month’s poem-a-day challenge today. I set myself the challenge of only doing story poems this month instead of the usual blend of nature/story/extremely personal/it’s bedtime crap better write a haiku poetry, and it’s actually working pretty well. In fact, it’s better than usual in terms of quality.

I wrote this one last Sunday to the prompt of “Persona.” Since I’m already doing story poems, this was harder than it sounded; how do I come up with something that feels targeted to the prompt? Write about a robot becoming self-aware, obviously!

It’s worth noting that I did most of my brainstorming on a walk through the woods immediately following church instead of, y’know, paying attention to nature and writing about that like a normal poet. Nope. Robots for me!

The Domestic Robot Becomes Self-Aware

Originally written November 8, 2020

seven o’clock beep beep beep beep beep beep
“Alarm, turn off” beep stop roll up make bed
tuck corner pillow fluff stop “I’m asleep”
back up leave bedroom go downstairs LIGHT RED
LIGHT RED SENSOR ALERT a mess clean up
pick up tissue drop inside garbage can
fix breakfast over-easy eggs feed pup
make coffee table set STOP tiny hand
hold ball toss ball take ball “Play catch wif me”
hold ball toss ball take ball hold ball toss ball
hit wall ERROR hit wall giggle “Silly!
You’re silly, Robot!” robot i am called
robot is me me mine mine me mine my
and i and i and i i am an I

Photo by Erhan Astam on Unsplash

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