The Apple

Today’s sonnet is based on a true story, also known as every day of my existence.

The Apple

Originally written 11/15/2019. #134.

I am the apple, sitting on your desk
Just watching you eat junk food every day,
With both your teeth and I rotting away,
And you complain you don’t lose weight. Grotesque.
I’m sitting right in front of you, ignored
For trashy candy that you bought for cheap
It’s mostly soy. I’m certain it will keep
But you keep nomming on it when you’re bored
Or stressed, when I, a healthy, tasty, treat,
Could solve your cravings for better results
To watch you eat trash candy’s an insult:
But I’ll just sit, decaying in defeat,
Until you eat me—hopefully still fresh—
Or just decide to throw me in the trash.

Photo by an_vision on Unsplash

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