King of the Britons

Today’s sonnet is from last November’s poetry prompts; I think the exact prompt was [blank] of the [blank], and of course my mind immediately jumped to Monty Python. At the time my RPG group was playing a campaign that investigated the closed doors to Fairyland (specifically Seelie Court), so between the two I came up with today’s poem. As for why I’m publishing it now, no particular reason. Maybe it’s just that the King Arthur of original legends is such an obvious stand-in for Christ, and I’m ready for the true King’s return.

King of the Britons

Originally written November 10, 2019

Time travels differently in Faerieland.
A year there could pass by in just an hour,
Or else, the time it takes to pluck a flower
Can see someone grow up from babe to man
On Earth. And so the fairies closed the gates
Into their kingdom for the casualties
Of families separated—tragedies
So easily avoided. Still, there waits
In Faerieland a legendary king
Who fairies saved from mortal wounds. He still
Lives there, slowly recovering, until
He’s better. They’ll let him return, and bring
Peace and a sword to Britain. On that day,
The gates will open—and remain that way.

Photo by Colin Watts on Unsplash

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